00 Intro


Atelier online store

RAMIM is a high-end fashion design company with more than 30 years in the industry with a rich portfolio and customer base.
We were very excited to help them refresh and rebrand their online presence and e-commerce store.

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01 Research

Honoring a legacy

From years of experience, we have learned to stick vigorously to our process. Studying the RAMIM brand helped us build the right color palette for this project. The scale of an online store though is way bigger than the usual website. Thorough planning is crucial for a successful build.


Rebranding such an important name was not an easy feat. The new design had to contain elements that are representative of RAMIM while at the same time maintaining the balance between modern and practicality. Through deep and careful research, we created the right palette which was going to be the foundation of our build.

02 Planning


Once our planning and wireframing were up to our expected standard, we began with the Design. We wanted to incorporate elements of fluidity, quality, practicality, and innovation. We believe that the final design incorporates all that we strived for while maintaining the core of the brand.

03 Design

Tailored to fit

The new RAMIM online store would be more than just a store, it served also as the platform that would launch the new collection thus completing the full rebranding cycle. This was a big change but also a big challenge for our team.

While working on this project, our team did not have access to the new picture collection so our design had to be adaptive to any picture, any color, and any clothing setup.



Lato Bold
Lato Regular

UX-first design

Pictures transition smoothly and the clients are able to navigate quickly and securely providing a wonderful experience without compromising on the design and practicality.

The end result surpassed our expectations. We worked closely with the founder of RAMIM to build a solid product with a great design.