00 Intro


Marketing agency website

Novaico is digital marketing agency. Its main services being social media management, content marketing, SEO and user experience consultation.

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01 Research

Branching out

The inspiration formed around the principal elements of visual design. We wanted to convey the concept of marketing through elementary shapes such as lines, geometric shapes or different paint strokes, etc.


Eventually we landed on a square, a circle, and a square with rounded sides instead of rounded corners to add a little novelty and originality to the logo. Then we played around with different color palettes and the position of the shapes until we landed on our final logo.

02 Planning


After a bit of wireframing we decided on a banner, a section detailing the services Novaico would provide, and a third section with a table of pricing packages.

In order to show potential customers that Novaico is a capable marketing agency, we needed to showcase our visual communication prowess.

This is showcased through our banner depicting different instances of art and other visual media such as informative, persuasive or promotional pieces.

03 Design

Designed to convert

We decided to communicate our services and their corresponding marketing concepts with a simple infographic about the concept of conversion in marketing. Visitors are directed to this infographic by the explanation boxes of the services we provide.

The conversion of the audience to a customer is the central goal of Novaico's value proposition and marketing strategy. So it was important to explain it and display it prominently.



Montserrat Bold
Montserrat Regular

Complete theme

The end result is a website that conveys an atmosphere of an agency with a lot of potential. Novaico has a memorable and original brand look while at the same time being minimalistic.

This simplicity combined with a distinctive aesthetic stands out from a lot of digital marketing agencies out there. We are proud of our sister agency, Novaico. Visit the page for more info on its services.