00 Intro

Diana Subashi

Personal violinist website

Diana Subashi is a renowned violinist out of Luxembourg. She hired us to make her a personal website to promote her services and showcase her many career achievements.

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01 Research

The life behind
the artist

The first aspect of any personal website is effective story-telling. We compiled photographs from Diana’s performances as well as her biography.


Diana does not have a logo but every website needs a visual identity. We decided a logotype logo from Diana’s full name would be a good fit and suit the overall minimalistic aesthetic.

02 Planning


During wireframing, we were able to see how best to introduce the artist and showcase her work. We also tested out different configurations and layouts for each sector.

03 Design

Classic story-telling

With the structure laid out and the features decided on, we moved on to the final design prototype. The gallery was the star of the homepage, displaying professionally shot photographs of the artist in her element.

We decided to have a snippet of her story right after the header to serve as a nice hook to lead visitors to the biography page. Here we tell the story in full, including a version in the native Luxembourgish language. Also included is a favorite quote of Diana’s as the cherry on top of her biography. It shows the character of the artist and her motivation.



Proxima Nova

Call to action

The main goal of this website is to not only promote Diana’s work but also to generate new leads. To this end, at the end of each page, we put a Call-to-Action just before the footer. This location was picked as it is customary to leave the Call-to-Action at the end of the experience after the visitor has been acquainted with the artist and her services.