00 Intro


Online coffee platform

ColdHotDrinks is an online coffee trading platform that brings together coffee products from specialty coffee roasters from all over Switzerland into one website.

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01 Research

Creating an experience

Building a new online store from scratch is a challenging undertaking so we had to make sure the user experience was easy to understand, pleasant to go through and left a good impression on visitors.


Another important aspect for ColdHotDrinks to succeed as a new business was creating a memorable and original logo and brand look.

We started by sketching out a few different versions for the logo, trying to land on something that was original and eye-catching but still simple enough to be memorable.


02 Planning


Next we created a few mockups for the homepage and structure of the site and narrowed down the direction we would follow. After we made three mockups it was clear that we wanted to go for a minimalistic design with plenty of whitespace to complement the color scheme of the logo.

03 Design

Intuitive UX

The main challenge was making sure that visitors to the website understood the concept of the store as intuitively as possible. It was a new concept in the Swiss market and the name does not suggest coffee.

To this end we decided to have an image of coffee being poured into a glass and a brief explanation of the quiz functionality right on the landing page.

After some time with the website live we saw it necessary to move away from the term “quiz” so we added buttons to choose the first coffee preference right away.



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Roboto Regular


It is one of our main priorities and standards of work that our web pages be responsive and work well on all devices.

The quiz is the main feature of ColdHotDrinks so we had to make sure it was legible on all screen sizes. Check them out!

04 Development


We designed the whole website to be functionally and visually like a web-app.

In order to ensure a fast and reliable service we designed a vendor area for the partner roasteries where they can receive orders in real time and look at statistics and other functionalities.

The result was a flexible e-commerce marketplace with multiple sellers and options for registration, personal dashboards for both customers and sellers, and automatic commission fee calculation and distribution through a secure stripe implementation.


All that said, it would matter little if the performance of the website was abysmal so we made sure to keep the site as lightweight as possible.

In the end we were able to achieve a high Pagespeed Insight score of 95 on desktop and 73 on mobile.

ColdHotDrinks is a project we are very proud of and one that is already on its way to become a successful business venture for Lobovo.